The Library

As you enter the old building of stone and wood, the smell of old books is the first thing you recognize.
Before you, propped on an antique chair, is a hand-lettered sign.
'Be welcome to this humble library,' it reads, 'your patronage is appreciated. Keep you these simple rules in mind:
Be quiet and considerate of others, and be certain to leave things as they were found. Remember, we are watching.'
As you finish, there is a sudden movement off to your right, but when you turn, there is nothing.

Odd, the temperature in this building seems much colder now...

Serious Items


Humorous Items

Munchkin Test
Are you a munchkin/power-gamer?

Campaign Tales
Actual quotes from actual campaigns.

Last Words
<1-500> <501-1051>
Pretty much what it sounds like. Now separated into two files.

Netbook of Pranks
If you manage to pull these off and don't get murdered by your group, let me know.

Top Ten Lists
Remember Letterman? What do you mean, he's still on TV?
Regardless, take his top ten lists and apply them to D&D... and you get this.

Paladin Speeches - The Originals!
Have fun as a Paladin. Annoy your gaming group.

101 Things You Don't Want to Hear Your Apprentice Say
Self explanitory. I've seen this one a lot of sites, so...

Grove - Cabin - Winds

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