The Meadow of Winds

Exiting the sparse forest clearing, you come across a wide, open meadow. A strong breeze is blowing, causing the tall grass to dance under the sky. From here, you could go almost anywhere you could wish...

Gaming Links

The official D&D website.
Dungeons and Dragons

Useful resources. Amusing, too.
AD&D - The Geddivos Lands

This is an extremely light-hearted look at Lord of the Rings.
The Tolkien Sarcasm Page


Curious about sunspots? Solar storms? Meteors? 
Space Weather

Stephen Jay Gould is a personal hero of mine.
The Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive

When Scientists have too much free time?
Peep Research

More space stuff.

Other Stuff

In case you missed the links on all the other pages, here is the
    link to Moyra's Web Jewels, the site where I got the graphics on this site.
Moyra's Web Jewels
Sadly, it has closed as of this year (2002)

My good friend Ayu's site. She's got song translations n' stuff!
The Eternal Mind

It's neat like a thesaurus, only more fun!
Visual Thesaurus

This is a site for a friend of mine's fanfiction based on the Sailor Moon manga. It's pretty good, so go read it. I also play in the RPG on the boards there.
Unmei no Kodomo


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