Ranger's Grove

As you wander through the forest, you come across a clearing.
It is clear that this place is inhabited, for there are two buildings about.
They both look old, one being but a simple cabin.
Sunlight streams in from overhead, through the treetops, and for a moment, everything is still.
You shrug to yourself and set out to explore the place you have come across.


10-4-2005 - Holy shit. I live. Okay, mostly been moving pieces of this site around, and reorg. I think there's a lot of embarrassing deadwood around. Also, I plan to drop the current graphical scheme, and make my own before too long. First attempt at this over in the links section; not the final version for that one, either. Expect an unofficial update to that sucker before too long (ie, before the year's over...)
Hey, it's not like I'm trying to attract visitors anymore. I'm just happy if I have a place to put crap for my friends to look at, sometimes.

That is all.

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