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Name: Milliarde
Morality: Hero (Palace-Aligned)
Group: Blue Rogues (Milliarde the Swallow)
Game: Baten Kaitos
Gender: Female
Job: Formerly Sheltered Girl, Combat Tourist
Quote: "...The weak and abused need my help yet again. Oh, me and my hang-ups!"

Profile: Self-proclaimed defender of the helpless, Milliarde is the only daughter of a noble Imperial family. Growing up quite sheltered, she rarely saw much of the outside world aside from school. So, following the cliché about sheltered girls and running away from home, Milliarde bolted as soon as she simply couldn't take it anymore--and thankfully happened across the poor weak Sagi and Guillo who were being menaced by Imperial soldiers. Without a second thought, she barged on in and helped the duo out, and afterwards, tagged along with them to see the world, much to Guillo's eternal dismay.
Skills: 10^9, Unfortunately I Slept Through That Lecture (Boy Could I Kick Myself Right Now), Knowledge: Miscellanea, Partial Knowledge: Ancient History, Knowledge: More Than She Lets On, Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting, Self-Confidence: High, Sense Of Entitlement: Extreme, Ego: Immeasurable, Nobody Ever Suspects The Butterfly!, Who Wears Short-Shorts?, Diamonds (And Emeralds) Are A Girl's Best Friend, Love Quadrangle?!, Guillo Is MY 'The Luggage', Float Like A Butterfly; Sting Like A...You Know, Daddy's Little Girl, Grew Up Sheltered = Bomb Shelter?, Don't Make Me Angry; You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry, Sets Off Metal Detectors, Milk: It Does A Body Good, Lightning Turducken


Fighting: Veteran (7)
Defense: Swift (6)
Attack Power: Strong (5)
Endurance: Unflinching (6)

Tech Specs:

Smarts: Good
Nerve: Good
Charm: Good
Saikyo: Nonexistant
Pargon: Average
Luck: Average
Soul: Average
Moxie: Excellent
Sanity: Average
Rhythm: Excellent
Cooking: Poor
Stache: Nonexistant
Angst: Average
Gawking Tourist Power: Supreme
Machina: Good


Milliarde Descs


Milliarde Attacks

Blank Magnus:

Current count: 8

#1 - Machina Communicator: Usually used by top brass in the military to communicate quickly and effectively over long distances. Also functions as a passable radio.
#2 - EMPTY
#3 - Pressed Nameless (?) Flower: A carefully pressed flower that may or may not have a name. Purchased from a certain flower girl.
#4 - Cold Weather Outfit: An assortment of clothing that makes cold weather easier to bear. It even comes with a cute scarf for chasing away those winter blues!
#5 - Day-at-the-Beach Set: A bathing suit, a bottle of sun tan lotion, and a sunny day! What more could a girl ask for?
#6 - Music Box: An intricate little machina music box. When wound up correctly, it plays a short but pretty little tune. Perfect for keeping those little trinkets in.
#7 - EMPTY
#8 - EMPTY


To put it plainly, Milly's mindscape is a labyrinth. One always starts out in the same place: in a small, almost bare room made of gold. The only thing in here normally is an ornate bed. There are two doors, one of which is apparently stuck and won't open, and the other which leads into the maze proper.

The maze is claustrophobia-inducing, but is broken up by larger rooms lined with books. Aside from these rooms, though, it can be quite difficult to find one's way through, as some pathways double back. Thankfully, dead-ends are easily recognizable, since they are cobwebbed over.

It ends in an open garden, an atrium, in fact. There are plants, insects and a large pool here. In particular, there are clouds of butterflies. The whole area seems in stark contrast to the rest of the labyrinth.

Something dark and menacing lurks about the maze, making passage through it potentially risky. Thankfully, it's usually kept at bay by the censors. It will not enter the starting room or the atrium.

Memory vaults locations vary. The most personal and private ones are found in the atrium, the rest are scattered throughout the book-rooms of the labyrinth.


Milliarde The Swallow - A title for a pirate who dominates both the deck and the air above it.

Sheltered Girl - A title for someone who claims to have grown up sheltered. Although, we really have to ask, was it a bomb shelter?



dingbat, ninny, lout, dummy, goose, bozo, fossil, twit, toad, nitwit, twerp, kook, nutter, buster, caplin, joke, creep, freak, dirtbag, fink

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