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Milliarde Attacks


Swallowtail: Milly delivers a somersault-kick followed by a swift strike with both cudgels. Physical attack. (+attack)
Sevenstar Dust: A flurry of electrical kicks and club strikes that finishes with an overhead twin cudgel assault. Lightning attack. (+attack)
Emerald Thrush: A twin strike, combining an icy kick with a thrust of both spiked clubs. Ice attack. (+attack)
Diamond Drop: Milly uses magic to temporarily transform both her clubs into a giant icicle, then uses it to swing into her enemy with an icy kick. Ice attack. (+smash)
Arabesque: Magically fusing both clubs together, Milly sends them flying in an arc at all opponents. Physical attack normally; may be modified with equipment magnus to change element to fire or lightning. (+attack or +weak, all; used as permission granted)

Milly Specials:

Pegasus Jump: A jump and a kick to the head of the target. (+weak)
Canyon Winds: A swirling uppercut with both clubs. (+attack)
Rabbit Dash: Either a dash and attack or a knockdown leg sweep. (+attack)

EX Combos:

Starbreaker: A combo involving lightning equipment and ending with Sevenstar Dust. (+attack)
Reverse Knight: A weak combo that boosts Milly's speed. (+dodge, Milly only)
Trail Rush: A weak combo involving the Milly Special, Pegasus Jump. (+weak)
Horse Prance: A stronger version of the previous combo. (+attack)
Double Frost: A combo of both ice-based attacks, Emerald Thrush and Diamond Drop. (+smash)
Swallow's Flight: Like a swallow, this combo allows Milly to fly through the air and strike swiftly. (+attack)
Emerald Guard: By drawing upon ice equipment, Milly gains added defense capabilities from frost. (+shield, Milly only)


Machina Shutdown: Milly uses the machina in her body to force a shutdown of machinery she makes contact with. (+selfdestruct)