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Milliarde Descs


This young lady stands at around 5'7'' in height, and is of a slight build.
Her brown hair is braided and pinned in with the rest handing free in back. Her bangs are loose and stop above her expressive brown eyes. She wears a small amount of makeup; certainly the shade of pink on her lips isn't natural. Ornate oval earrings prominantly set with a smooth green stone hang from her earss.
The collar of her outfit is high, reaching almost all the way up her neck, and is scarlet in color with a frilly white border. She wears a small oval gold brooch at the base of the collar. The collar connects to the pauldrons of her outfit, made of the same material. Large floppy white bows decorate each, and the shoulder guards are edged in the same as the collar. Underneath this, it's clear that the young lady is wearing a blouse deep pink in color, with gold-colored patterns running down the sleeves. Around the elbows, the color pales, and white ribbons around the wrists mark the point where the shirt becomes very frilly before ending. Overtop the blouse as well, she wears a brown corset-like garment, to which her half-skirt attaches in part, and two long brown strips hang from bejeweled clasps in the front.
The shorts she wears are very short; they are white with golden edging. The half-skirt itself is puffy and white, accented by a single large bow in the back. The stockings she wears are quite long; they reach past her knees. The top edge of these is accented by a pink-on-white sunburst pattern, and the socks themselves are tied with long white ribbons just below this. The shoes themselves are a golden metal in color, and have low heels. Frilly pink cloth ornaments them, along with a strip of green fabric across each.
On her left hand is a large green stone set in a gold ring.
In times of battle, stress, or as needed, this young lady's wings of the heart appear; they look like the wings of a large blue-and-white swallowtail butterfly.


While Milliarde's hairstyle hasn't changed any (it's still braided and pinned up in back), her outfit has. She wears a white, frilly shirt, with long bell-like sleeves. There are ribbons tied on each arm just above the elbows. Pinned to the ruffly collar of the shirt is her usual brooch, a small intricate metal accessory. Overtop the shirt, she wears a soft pink overdress, which ties above each shoulder with a fluffy ribbon. Around the waist she wears a pink and white striped sash, which is tied with yet another puffy ribbon.
As for the legs, she wears tights of a slightly off-white shade, and on her feet are boots, going up to the mid-shin. They are white, with modest heels and buckles going up the front of each. Milly is also wearing her usual green earrings and an overly ornate ring on her right hand.


Milliarde's let her hair down, mostly, for this occasion. Only a couple strands have been braided and twisted back into an ornate hairpin. She's exchanged her normal earrings for pink drop earrings--all the better to match the dress she's wearing.
Said dress, for that matter, is best described as 'extravagant'. Like most of her wardrobe, the collar is high, the material stiff and white. A red ribbon is threaded around it, clasped in front with a elaborately engraved brooch. Rosy pink fabric dips low in front, connected to the rest of the dress by a series of shining white jewels. The rest of the bodice of the dress is a dark red, vest-like arrangement around the middle.
The sleeves are tight and the same pale pink fabric used before, with red ribbons tied around her upper arms and the wrists. And, yes, there are rings on her fingers. Big, disgustingly ornate rings.
Below the belt-line of the dress, which is marked by a large fluffy red ribbon around the waist, is the long white skirt, and aside from being the topmost of three layers, is otherwise unremarkable. Her shoes are surprisingly plain, being simple pale red strappy heels.


With her hair down for a change, Milliarde looks like a different person. It's surprisingly long, reaching to her lower back. Given the location, she's swapped out her usual clothes for a plain blue swimsuit, no daring cuts or anything. If anything, though, this outfit makes the artificial nature of her body rather obvious. It's hard to pin down, but areas around joints don't look /right/.

Black Cat:

Standing in at about 5'7'', this brunette's let her hair down for the event. Adorning her head is a puffy black headband, with cat ears. She's not wearing any obvious jewelry. Well, except for that... collar and bell around her neck. It's surprisingly noisy.
As for clothes, she's wearing a tight black body suit. It has a puffy black tail sewn onto it. There aren't any paw-shaped gloves or slippers, thankfully; she's wearing black heels instead to complement the entire set.