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Milliarde Scrap

(The following is a recording)
Milliarde stands before what is presumably a camera, and peers at the screen. "Is it on? ...It is? OK!"
"As some of you might know, a while back, a mysterious note was left by the Phantom Thief of the Ouroboros on Pirate Isle. It said--hold on a moment," Here she moves off screen collect something, returns, "'The angelic voices shall sing out! Many will be drawn across land, sea, air and space to see their heavenly bodies!'"
"As chaos guessed, the target was the surprise last stop of a musical group in his zone, the Seraphim Sisters."
"More specifically, it was the front row tickets that went missing. A lot of people were really upset, and it might have gotten really dangerous if they hadn't had security. While Stahn, Tear and I managed to get in, we got separated from everyone else in the process, due to the crowds. Sorry, everyone! At least you got the reward, too, right?"
"Anyway, there was a projection of the mysterious Phantom Thief inside the hall, and he made us play a stupid game to find the tickets." An annoyed look, there.
"There was another note, too. This one says," and here Milly's reading right off the card, "'You will have a ghost of a chance in finding this amazing clue!'"
"So, we turned in the tickets, and for solving their problem, we all got VIP passes for the concert~ It was really fun! It turned out well, even if that Phantom Thief person was really annoying."
"But, anyway, if anyone has any idea about the next clue? Please let us know, OK? I have to admit, even I'm stumped with this one. And that's all! You can turn it off, now!"
(The recording ends)

(The note is hand-written and tacked up to the board)
On the behest of quaestor Verus, Stahn, Faris and myself went to Azha to investigate into who's been behind the attacks in Mintaka. We discovered the culprit: it was the mining foreman, Bein. Unfortunately, it turned out he was an umbra, and we were forced to kill him to save the villagers.
The only information we have on the monsters is from the quaestor himself, and he knows very little. What's known is that they're dangerous creatures, and that they can lie dormant in just about any living thing, even humans. From what I've seen so far, it doesn't look like someone who's transformed can be changed back.
Lord Baelheit, the leader of the promachination movement, has been capturing the umbras alive, to, as the quaestor says, power his machina arma. They're basically really powerful machina. The best equivalent I can think of are those giant robots some people have, although they're much smaller.
Because of that, the quaestor has advised us to destroy them, even if they're people, before Lord Baelheit can get his hands on them.
This is all I know for now. If anything new and certain is found out about these creatures, I'll let everyone know.

(The following is a recording)
"Hello, everyone!" Milliarde is standing, presumably, in front of a recording device. "I went with Mike, Paula and Lady A to check up on the Umgah on the behalf of the Arilou." There's a glance off to the side, then, "The thing is, when we got there, the Umgah were all apparently 'busy', at least according to this disgusting /thing/. When we tried to land anyway, it took over our minds."
A scowl at that. "Oooh, I can't believe we all got controlled so easily! All I remember of it, though, is this compulsion to go 'get myself killed', and because of that... I think I said some things on Interzone I shouldn't have. Sorry, everyone!"
"Because of that, T-elos and Captain X attacked us, although thankfully Captain N came to our rescue. I'd like to take this moment to say that, just like I said, I made every shot I took with the artillery on the Gummi Ship." She looks very proud about this.
"While Captain N and Lady A chased Captain X away, T-elos assaulted our ship, and tried to kill us all. She came very close." An uneasy look, there. "She ripped the roof off the Gummi ship. It's only because of something Lady A did--she opened a warp, I think--that we're all still alive. So I just want to say, thank you, Lady A."
"I think that's everything! We still need to see something's done about that nasty alien on the Umgah's planet, but I guess that'll have to wait for another time." She sighs. "Well, again, thanks everyone, for everything you did!"
(Recording ends)

The following is voice-only)
"First of all, I want to apologize. I hadn't told anyone about this until now..."
"But, as some of you saw, most of my body is artificial. It's made of machina, the machine technology from my zone. I'm the only one like this, back home..."
She sighs. "There was an accident when I was a child. My mother, she... but I... this body... this machina, it's the only reason I'm still alive. It's the only reason I can function. I hope everyone understands, I'm not like this because I want to be."
"I still want to be with everyone, so... even though I didn't tell anyone what was going on... I hope I can stay with the Palace." She pauses. "That's everything. I'll be in the hospital for a while, I think... there's a lot I need to consider."
(There is a click, and the recording ends.)

Patient was admitted in an unconscious state. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that portions of the mechanical components on the right side of the patient were badly damaged, some of them inoperable. Aside from burns and reduced overall function, no other obvious physical injuries were detected.
The damaged components will have to be replaced. The physical injuries are expected to heal with proper treatment and time. The patient will be kept in the hospital until repairs and healing have been completed.