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Arietta Descs

God General:

This girl stands about 4'8'' in height, and is of a build best classified as petite.Her rose-colored hair is long, reaching down to her waist, and is complimented by similiarly colored eyes.
A small hat rests on her head, secured by pins. It is mainly black, with pink stripes on the side and a pale pink design on the front echoing a tuning fork.
Her clothing is black as well, with pink accents. Around her neck is a brown belt-like collar; similar ones are on her upper arms and legs. The upper part of her dress is best described as two layers of vests, with the upper one black with spiraling designs and the lower one grey. The skirt of the dress is black and frilly.
The sleeves of the outfit are held on by the afore-mentioned belts; they also have pink edging on them.
Her boots are high and tight, reaching up to the mid-thigh. They have pink striping and edging on them.
The girl carries with her a large stuffed animal of some sort, looking for all the world like a bunch of monster heads stitched together to create a whole creature.
Often accompanying the girl are two large monsters, a liger, which looks rather like a striped wolf-like creature with long ears, and a harpy, an over-sized eagle-like animal.