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Name: Arietta
Morality: Neutral (Imperative-Aligned)
Group: Imperative (N/A)
Game: Tales of the Abyss
Gender: Female
Job: 3rd Division Commander, Locrian Captain
Quote: "You killed Mommy! Now you die!"

Profile: Raised by monsters, Arietta was recruited by the Oracle Knights for her singular ability to talk to and control monsters. In time, she was elevated to the status of Fon Master Attendant, before being mysteriously dismissed from the post two years previously. Her current status is that of God General, meaning that the girl only answers to her superiors--Mohs, Van, Legretta and her fellow God Generals--in the Oracle Knights hierarchy. A reclusive sort, she prefers to spend time with monsters, rather than other people.
Skills: Not Gloomietta Kthx, Why Yes I Was Raised By Wolves, Does Not Look Sixteen, Wild Child, I Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends), Romulus And Remus Eat Your Heart Out, Little Aria, Friend To All Monsters, Bizarro Anise, What The Heck Is That Doll Anyway, Dutiful Daughter, I'm Not So Loli; I'm Just Designed That Way, Holdin' Out For A Fonmaster


Fighting: Veteran (7)
Defense: Slow (3)
Attack Power: Overwhelming (8)
Endurance: Unflinching (6)

Tech Specs:

Smarts: Poor
Nerve: Excellent
Charm: Poor
Saikyo: Nonexistant
Pargon: Excellent
Luck: Average
Soul: Average
Moxie: Good
Sanity: Poor
Rhythm: Good
Cooking: Nonexistant
Stache: Nonexistant
Angst: Excellent
THE RAGE: Supreme
Social Skills: Poor


Arietta's is a vast and tangled forest. There's no real organization here; one might find personal memory vaults as soon as they enter or perhaps only after hours of wandering lost.

It's obviously quite hard to get around, foliage and green seems to obstruct at every turn.

There are natural hazards and monsters roaming around. Pit falls, ligers, venomous serpents, loose ground, anything that can happen in the natural world can be found and happened upon here.

The censors do not keep monsters at bay or anything of the sort. If anything, they try to keep order from imposing itself too strongly in the wilderness.


Arietta Descs


Arietta Attacks


Power Of The Cosmos - Itty-bitty package, great cosmic powers or close to it. This title is for someone who packs a punch despite appearances.


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