Woah! It's the Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem 'Which Ancient are You?' Test!

Ever wonder which Ancient in the Gamecube game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem you'd be? Now it's simple!
There are thirteen questions, with four options for each. Pick which answer you like best, and remember - this is in fun. Do not think you get special powers by taking this test.

(Note: This test will probably not work in Netscape. I suck.)


1. To start, which element do you like best? 


2. Read Lovecraft?

Why, yes.
Are you implying something?
...Wouldn't you like to know...

3. ...So, what do you like about Lovecraft, assuming you know at least a little about it? (not necessary to have read it here...)

The horror.
The Mythos.
The creatures.
I know nothing about it.

4. Okay, so you're a college student sitting in lecture hall. The lecture has been going on for an hour and a half. It is really boring. What do you do?

Continue to dutifully take notes.
Daydream, because I already know this stuff and don't have to take notes.
Alternate between taking notes and making weird doodles in my notebook.

5. So you're still a college student. You're trying to get your classes for next semester, but, alas! - the line for getting classes scheduled goes out of the building and down the sidewalk outside. It will be roughly an hour's wait. What do you do?

Not a problem. That's what I got a CD player for!
Line jump. Anyone who complains gets a beatdown.
Excuse me? I already registered for class last week. Idiot.
Sigh, and resign myself to an hour of complete boredom.

6. Okay, let's say you're going to play Dungeons and Dragons. Which of the following is your favorite class? (If you have no idea what D&D is, or don't play, just pick what sounds best!)

Cleric or Ranger.
Wizard or Monk.
Sorceror or Bard.
Barbarian or Fighter. 

7. Right, so you're your favorite class then. The rest of the party has been captured by orcs. They are such morons, right? Anyway, it's up to you to save them, since the other players will gang up on you if you don't. What do you do?

Hatch a plan of such genius that no one can stop me! Ha ha ha!
Gather what allies I can, and attack the place with a good plan., trying to minimize risk.
...I can't tell you. You might be an orc. But it involves lots of magic.
Raise my mighty axe and storm the place singlehandedly. And win.

8. Okay, back to real life. You're shopping for groceries and your bag breaks as you take it to your car. What's your first reaction?

Shrug. I really didn't need those eggs, anyway.
Curse and swear a lot. 
Sigh, and mutter about how the universe has it in for me. 
Become immediately suspicious of the clerk who bagged your food. 

9. What drink do you find yourself starting your days with most often?


10. Still real life. It's raining really hard. You have no umbrella or anything to protect yourself from the rain. It's a twenty minute walk home. What do you do?

Shrug and walk home anyway. 
Wait, and see if it lets up.
Make a makeshift poncho from a trashbag.
Try and hitch a ride off of someone.

11. You're a pretty flower. What are you?


12. Now you're an animal. What are you?


13. All right, here comes the final and horribly obvious question: Which of the following is your favorite color?



The code for this quiz was stolen from d`Jeu (who did a very good FF7 personality test - Shameless Plug), which is the same code that everyone else steals to make their own test. Because, Java is haaaard. Well, it is for me. I'm a dumbass. Anyway. Feel free to steal the code yourself to make up your own test. Though, don't steal the actual quiz, please, 'cause it would be stupid, since no one owns the ED:SR stuff except Silicon Knights. If they want the test, they can have it...

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