Katzen Pantheon:

I know no one cares, or that no one will ever actually use this... but dammit! I wanted to do it...

Floresa - Lesser Goddess
The Sun Maiden, The Lady of the Day-Orb
Symbol: A blue star inside a sun blazing orange and gold
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Sun, katzen, survival, desert
Domains: Chaos, Good, Sun, Travel, Protection, Fire
Favored Weapon: "Sphere of the Sun" (heavy mace)

Floresa is the head of the katzen pantheon, and the protectorate of the race. Very few outside the katzen worship her, but outsiders are welcomed if they choose to serve or venerate her.
Her clerics pray for spells in the morning or afternoon.
Relations: Lathander?
Dogma: Rejoice in the warmth of the sun, for it brings you life. The sun gives life, but be wary, for it can bring death to the unwary. Help those in need. Guide those who are lost. Let none face the desert alone.

Ca'fehn - Demi-God
The Grinning One, The Demented God, That Weirdo
Symbol: ?
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Pranks, trickery, games, luck, play
Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Luck, Charm
Favored Weapon: Knucklebones (darts)

Relations: ?
Dogma: Fun, games, play may seem trivial to others - teach them otherwise. Play a prank at least once a week. Do not cause harm through your games, for it is all in fun. Laugh. Be deceitful if it amuses you. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, above all else.

Nim'mi - Demi-Goddess
The Brood Mother
Symbol: A pair of stylized arms, attached to a chest without a head, reaching as if to embrace
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Family, children, love, friendship, (re)birth, fertility
Domains: Chaos, Good, Family, Charm, Renewal
Favored Weapon: Claws

Relations: ?
Dogma: Protect the ones you love, for they are the things that make life worthwhile. Treasure life, for it must fade. Celebrate each birth, for it is a new life. Have a family. Sex is a wonderful and holy act. Encourage any romance, for all is sacred in the eyes of the Mother.

Moria Rahn - Demi-Goddess
The Shrouded Lady, The Great Mystery
Symbol: ?
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Death, mystery, secrets, fate
Domains: Death, Fate, Illusion, Time
Favored Weapon: "Fate-Bringer" (scythe)

Moria Rahn is the twin sister of ?, and rules over death and mystery. While she gets on well with her sister, sometimes there are disagreement between the two, which causes fluxuations in the birth and death rates. She is the one who brings death, the one who is seen right before a mortal departs the current life to begin again.
Relations: She generally gets on well with the rest of the pantheon, even with Ca'fehn, who sometimes annoys her. Other allies include Kelemvor, the human god of the afterlife.
Dogma: Realize that death is the ultimate mystery. Do not speak of the secrets of the faith with non-clergy. Remember that death is not to be feared. Ease the pain of the dying. Do not spread false hope or despair. Destroy the undead where they walk, for they defy their fate. Bring the final fate upon those who would so disrupt the balance of life and death.

? - Demi-God
Lord Hunter, The Nightmaster
Symbol: Stylized black moon on white crossed with three arrows
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Night, hunting, the moon
Domains: Animal, Plant, Chaos, Good, Darkness, Moon
Favored Weapon: "Silent Shot" (longbow)

Relations: ?
Dogma: ?

Elphenor - Demi-God
The Hand of Magic, The Sorceror's Friend
Symbol: ?
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Magic, sorcerors
Domains: Good, Chaos, Spell, Magic
Favored Weapon: ?

Relations: ?
Dogma: ?