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Elven Mage-Thief: I attack the cleric.
Cleric of Finder Wyvernspur: I summon my deity to smite you!
Elven Mage-Thief: I seduce your deity with my fruitilicious charm.
 -- OOC Moment in a Forgotten Realms adventure

"The guy in the mask must have knocked me out, thrown me in a dumpster, and then gone off to play hero. My convenient disappearance would make people think it was me, and no one would know what his secret; that he has bad fashion sense and likes to pretend he's the Cirque De Soleil version of Batman."
 -- Jakob Darius III, "Moon Senshi RPG"

'"I once bought a book about dream symbolism, but the thing was written way back in the armpit of the Dark Ages, or something. Every second object? Apparently symbolises sex." Snort. Eyeroll. "I got so ungodly fed up with it that I just...gave it to a second-hand store. I kept getting urges to play a drinking game - every time phalluses are mentioned, CHUG!"'
 -- Rosalie Tae Hornby, "Moon Senshi RPG"