Sound Tracks 

Here, I have the video game soundtracks I own.
You will only find track lists, lyrics and such here. No downloads, ever. This is to aid others
who either own the CDs, and can't read the lyrics/track titles/whatever, or to help people decide whether to buy them or not. Thank you. Now, on to the CDs!
And this project is more or less dead. HUZZAH.

Legend of Mana OST
Missing the translation of the Opening/Ending. Thrill at the track list.

Final Fantasy: Pray
The non-Japanese songs are not translated. Well, it's a start, I guess...

Wild Arms OST

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As a side note, there are several OSTs and such I'd like to have here.
The following may be forthcoming...
Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow, XenoGears OST, Skies of Arcadia OST, Orchestral remixes of
some Final Fanstasy themes..... I would like to have the Rudra no Hihou OST, but... it's out of print.
Oooh, and FFIX would be niiice...