Quest: The Guardian of the Winds


BGM: Kakeyuku Kioku (Galloping Memory)

(*the hero/ine walks forward, Larc interjects*)

Larc: Wait... (*the hero/ine stops*) ...... (*a dragoon leaps out of the trees*)
Mystery Dragoon: Larc... So you finally found the other warrior...
Larc: Sierra...
Sierra: Do you not see? You are being tricked!
Larc: ...... (*Sierra swings her knives angrily*)
Sierra: Blasted Drakonis! (*she runs off*)

(*the pair reaches the village of the winds, the guard sees them and flees in a panic*)

BGM: Natsukashiki Uta (Nostalgic Song)

Random dialogue:
Windcaller: What are you doing here? Away with you!
Windcaller: What a disgusting person you brought...
Windcaller: Who are you...

(*when the hero/ine tries to go up the mountain path; there are guards blocking the. way*)
Windcaller:  ......
Larc: Windcallers... dragoons of Akravator, eh?
Windcaller:  So you are the dragoon of Drakonis... (*all the wandering Windcallers run up behind Larc, encircling him*)
Larc: I have come for your master. Take me to him.
Windcaller:  Our master sits atop the mountain. See if you can make it!
Larc: ...... (*Larc walks forward and past the blockade*)
Windcaller:  How dare you! Fool! Do you think we know not of your plans!? (*they attempt to attack him, Larc teleports out of the way*) !?
Larc: I will not be bested by such attacks.
Windcaller:  Impressive... Dragoon of Drakonis! (*the wandering guards flee, and the blockade flies into the sky*)
Larc: Here I come!

(*further up the path*)

BGM: Pain the Universe

Windcaller: Thou shalt not pass!
Larc: Death awaits you!
(*boss battle with Windcaller ensues. After the battle...*)

BGM: Kakeyuku Kioku (Galloping Memory)

Windcaller:  Bastards! (*his spirit floats away; there is a pinging noise*)
Larc: Some kind of barrier...?

(*elsewhere on the path--yes, this continues for a bit*)

BGM: Pain the Universe

Windcaller: So the dragoon of Drakonis is out to steal the life of our master, Akravator... Die, fool!
(*boss fight ensues, after the battle*)

BGM: Kakeyuku Kioku (Galloping Memory)

Windcaller: Damn minions of Drakonis! (*his spirit floats away, there is a pinging noise*)

(*elsewhere again*)

BGM: Pain the Universe

Windcaller: Know the power of the Windcallers, dragoons of Akravator! (*engage in battle, etc, after battle's over*)

BGM: Kakeyuku Kioku (Galloping Memory)

Windcaller: Akravator... (*spirit floats away, and there is a pinging sound*)
Larc: I knew it was some sort of barrier...

(*hero/ine and Larc visit the stone Windcaller statue that was blocking the path. The spirits fly into the statue, and it vanishes*)
Larc: Let's go!

(*After a while, those other Windcallers from before jump down behind Larc and the hero/ine*)
Larc: What do you want, whelps?
Windcaller: We may be weak, but we serve Akravator! We will stop you with our lives!
Larc: Such worthless lives...
Windcaller: What was that?!
Larc: Fine! Then I shall take your lives from you. (*he rushes past all four Windcallers, slashing with his axe, and they all fall to the ground after a moment*) It is done. (*the hero/ine looks over the carnage*) Listen to the strong.

(*Finally, the hero/ine and Larc have reached Akravator's aerie. The dragon lands before them*)

BGM: The Darkness Nova

Larc: Akravator! I have come for your Mana in my master's stead!
Akravator: Dragoon of Drakonis... are you aware of what he is plotting?
Larc: Do not waste my time!
Akravator: Foolish knave... you have yet to learn fear...

(*major battle with Akravator ensues. Once the battle is over...*)

BGM: Kakeyuku Kioku (Galloping Memory)

Larc: Akravator, the Underworld awaits you! (*scene changes to the Mana Room*) A Mana stone... still pretty small... <hero/ine>, this is a reward from Drakonis. Take it. (*receive AF "Dragonbone". Larc approaches the Mana stone, and takes it*) I have received the power of Mana. (*a wounded Windcaller enters*)
Windcaller: Why... Why do you do such unspeakable acts? (*it collapses*)
Larc: ......

The Guardian of the Winds End