Quest: The Looking-Glass Tower

BGM: Irodori no Daichi ("The Painted Land")

Pearl: Leires... (*she steps back and bumps into the hero/ine*) Aaaaa! I'm sorry... I get carried away in my own thoughts... Thanks for finding me in the cave, but I've been separated from Elazul again... I feel like the tower is calling me... I have to go...

Hero/ine Choice: Stop her
Pearl: I'm sorry... (*she enters anyway*)
[n.b. I need to find explore this further. Different dialogue, if any, is forthcoming]

Hero/ine Choice: Go with her
Pearl: Thank you, <name>... (*Pearl joins the party*)

(*once you reach the 11th floor*)
Pearl: The room of fate lies beyond that door. Everyone must face their past. (*she walks towards the door and stops*) I... I'm sorry, <name>... Run if it gets dangerous...

(*once the hero/ine enters the room, they find a woman standing there. Pearl approaches her.*)

BGM: Marginal Beast

Pearl: You're the guard? (*her core flashes, there is no response*) Please... tell me. I want to know my own past... (*Pearl suddenly falls to the floor as the woman turns towards the screen*) Aaaa! (*Pearl is then flung towards the throne-ish structure in the back of the room as the woman vanishes; Pearl pulls herself to her feet and the boss battle with Iron Centaur begins*)

(*after the battle*)
Pearl: I was so scared... Huh? My core... (*Elazul enters; her core flashes, and Elazul's responds in kind*)
Elazul: Pearl!
Pearl: Elazul...
Elazul: I thought I told you not to wander around!
Pearl: I'm sorry... If I try to remember something...
Elazul: (*he turns to the hero/ine*) Thanks again... (*he turns back to Pearl*) Let's go!
Pearl: I feel like I can... please, help me... please... (*Elazul begins to walk off*) Please, Elazul... Elazul...
Elazul: (*he pauses*) ...... (*he turns back*) I understand. Take Pearl to the bottom of the tower... (*he walks to the hero/ine*) if anything happens to her, I will kill you... understand? (*he turns and walks towards the exit, pausing again*) I'll clean up the little trash. Don't let Pearl get in over her head. (*he leaves*)
Pearl: Thank you for helping me. (*she blushes*)

(*at the tower base, when the hero/ine tries to leave, a card falls to the floor--more accurately, sticks into the floor*)

BGM: Pain the Universe

Pearl: What was that? (*the hero/ine and Pearl investigate*)
Pearl: A note!? The jewel hunter! (*Sandra swings down from the ceiling via grappling hook*)
Sandra: I've wanted to meet you!
Pearl: No... (*she tries to hide behind the hero/ine*)
Sandra: Your core is mine! Judge the clod who has forgotten its sparkle! (*she steps back*) Go! Jewel Beast! (*Sandra throws a shining object, and the boss battle with a Jewel Beast ensues*)

(*after the battle*)
Sandra: Quite the partner you have, Pearl.
Pearl: Why...? Why do you hunt use? How terrible!
Sandra: Listen to your core...
Pearl: Huh...?
Sandra: We'll meet again. Goodnight, Pearl. (*Sandra slings her grappling hook up at the ceiling and escapes*)
Pearl: ...... Am I going to die? A guardian without a knight is a sitting duck. Elazul is looking for others... and if that Jumi is a guardian, then he'll... and I'll be all alone... I hope he never finds one. (*she turns back towards the hero/ine*) I have to go. Elazul is waiting... I'll get yelled at again. Thank you, <name>. This is for you. (*receive AF "Frozen Heart"; possibily "Pirate's Hook" [n.b.: neither of these have anything to do with the Jumi plot]*) Take care...

The Looking-Glass Tower End