Quest: Drowned Dreams

Elazul version:

BGM: Minatomachi Porupota ("Harbor Town, Polpota")

(*harbor area behind Polpota's Hotel, Inspector Boyd is there*)
Inspector Boyd: Oh, it's you.
Elazul: Any news?
Inspector Boyd: Well... nope, nothing at all. Everything's peaceful.
Elazul: Something's wrong... <name>, let's keep an eye on him.

(*after some interrogation of Boyd--omitted due to irrelevance and laziness*)
Boyd: You're right. I came here on assignment. The jewel hunter left a note here, and said she would take the Blue Eye. So, if you see anyone with blue eyes, report to me immediately.
Elazul: Jewel hunter? Then maybe there is another Jumi in this town?
Inspector Boyd: Right. You should be extra careful as well...

(*after talking to Inspector Boyd again*)

Inspector Boyd: Did you find anyone with blue eyes?
Hero/ine: The mermaid.
Inspector Boyd: Oh, the cheerful Miss Flameshe, eh? Her eyes are green.
The dancer
Inspector Boyd: Oh, Miss Revanshe? The hotel dancer? She has grey eyes.
The soldier.
Inspector Boyd: What, the imperial soldier? I see... I'll check it out.
(*cafe area, the soldier is there.*)
Thoma: I am Thoma, imperial soldier. Do you have any information regarding the shipwreck?
Pirate: Underestimate the sea at yer own risk!
Other Pirate: Right, right!
Thoma: That might be right. (*he begins to leave*)
Pirate: Wait a second! I don't know if it's true... but there's a guy called Basket Fish... he said he sees everything that happens under the sea.
Thoma: Basket...?
Other Pirate: He's at the Seaside Hotel, drooling over that dancer.
Thoma: Thanks! I'll go check it out! (*he leaves*)

(*outside the Hotel*)
Thoma: Basket Fish, huh? What a stupid name...
Inspector Boyd: You! You! Stop! (*he rushes over to Thoma*) here's my card.
Thoma: Inspector Boyd...?
Inspector Boyd: I've discovered a clue regarding the imperial ship and the hotel ghost!
Thoma: The imperial ship and the ghost?
Inspector Boyd: What do you think? Would you mind helping me out?
Thoma: Hmm... Certainly...
Inspector Boyd: Why, thank you, Mr... what was your name?
Thoma: Thoma.
Inspector Boyd: Right, Mr. Thoma. Let's go. (*they both enter the Hotel*)

(*in the Hotel Lounge, Inspector Boyd and Thoma are both there*)
(*after talking to Thoma*)
Thoma: I am Thoma, of the Imperial Army. Do you know anything about the shipwreck?
Basket Fish: I don't know anything... Leave me alone.
Inspector Boyd: Say... I heard you're very wealthy. That's pretty amazing!
Thoma: ......
Basket Fish: Mwahahaha
Inspector Boyd: And you inherited an incredible jewel? May I see it?
Basket Fish: Hmmm, I don't know...
Inspector Boyd: It's called the Blue Eye, and it shows everything that happens in the ocean.
Thoma: Let me see it, please! It might tell us how the ship...
Basket Fish. No.
Revanshe: I want to see the Blue Eye, too!
Basket Fish: Alright! (*he produces the gem, it glitters*)
Revanshe: Wow!
Elazul: (*his core flashes*) A Jumi core!

(*flashback begins, on a ship somewhere*)


Soldier: We have been ordered to obtain the ultimate firearm by our lord. Polpota may have important clues about it. Our lord has given us permission to use force, if necessary. We must succeed, men!
Other soldiers: yes, sir!!
Soldier: Back to your posts! (*another soldier arrives*)
Other Soldier: Captain Thona!
Thona: What is the matter?
Other Soldier: A sea hag is coming towards us!
Thona: A sea hag!? Do not listen to its voice, men!!

BGM: Yumeomou Tooki Hibi ~Seireen no Uta~ ("Dreaming Distant Days ~Siren's Song~")

(*the soldiers all begin to pass out as the siren comes flying by*)
(*scene fades out and returns to the lounge; Inspector Boyd is no longer there*)

BGM: Minatomachi Porupota ("Harbor Town, Polpota")

Thoma: I see... so a sea hag sank it...
Revanshe: How pitiful... (*the ghost appears*)
Basket Fish: Gwagwa!
Ghost: The truth of our death... hand me the Blue Eye!
Elazul: A ghost from the ship?
Ghost: The Blue Eye...!
Basket Fish: Alright! I'll give you the eye! Don't curse me... (*ghost takes the gem and runs off*) I was scared! I didn't know ghosts ran! (*Inspector Boyd comes running in*)
Inspector Boyd: Inspector Boyd on duty! I have a question regarding your large inheritance...
Basket Fish: My inheritance is gone!
Inspector Boyd: Huh? What about the Blue Eye?
Thoma: Didn't you see, Inspector? The ghost came and took it away!
Inspector Boyd: Huh!? Ghosts aren't real! Wake up!
Thoma: What? You were here, weren't you?
Inspector Boyd: Here? Me? (*he gets angry*) Blast it! It was the jewel hunter! I bet the ghost was, too!
Basket Fish: No...! (*he passes out, foaming at the mouth*)

(*Hotel Lobby*)
Innkeeper: Thank you so much for solving the ghost mystery! This is the reward I promised. (*may receive AF "Bottled Spirit"*)

Drowned Dreams End